My Word of the Month poem for May

Hi everyone,

I’m happy to add my effort for May inspired by GRASS. My thanks to all who have already posted their poems, and shamey shamey on all who have not yet posted theirs. See how holier than thou I get after I’ve finished mine? Kind of like how you smile after getting your teeth cleaned.

Thank you for the swell picture, Nathan Papes, Springfield News-Leader
The Grass

The grass enfolds secrets in green silence,
lies like a hug where children play,
is a witness to worms meeting bird-fate
and spiders doomed to feed wasp babies.

The grass offers privacy to roots nursing plants,
a roof over homeless beetles,
a refuge for small white moths on hot days,
an invitation to dogs on leashes.

The grass heals itself from mower wounds,
returns each year to carry in spring,
nurtures dandelions and small wild berries.
The grass caresses bare feet, and lovers.

(c) 2022 David L. Harrison