Fairy lights in the hackberries

Hi everyone

Yesterday evening SANDY and I attended a memorial in Phelps Grove Park for Springfield’s Missing Women. STACY MCCALL (18), SUZIE STREETER (19), and Suzie’s mother, SHERILL LEVITT (47), disappeared thirty years ago on the night the girls graduated from Kickapoo High School. Sandy read their names as they walked up to receive their diplomas. Hours later, they were gone. and the case has never been solved. Last night instead of watching television, we went outside and sat in the dark.

Fireflies were out, the first we’ve seen this year. They weren’t down low. They were high up in the hackberry trees, all the way to the tops, like fairy lights winking off and on, a sight we’ve not witnessed before. On my phone, I played a toad song I recorded earlier in the day when I rescued the toad from the pool trap. It sat for a time where I set it down, then hopped off and sang us a song. Right away we had a chorus of four toads around the pool singing back to us.

It was a good night for thinking.