Writing for kids in the future

Hi everyone,

Today I find myself in an unusual place. I have no deadline. I’m waiting on editors at five houses to get back to me about seven manuscripts that are either already under contract, going to committee, or out with readers. Several other manuscripts, partial manuscripts, and proposals are out at a number of houses.

I’m at work in various stages on three ideas. One is long nonfiction and two are picture book length, also nonfiction. That’s unusual, too. Not a single collection of poetry or fiction story in the works. Poetry is well represented in works already out though, and I have other ideas that I haven’t started yet.

The advantage of being a freelance writer is that you get to choose what to work on next. The problem with being a freelance writer is that you have to choose what to work on next. I don’t make my choice for those 5th grade children at their desks in Dothan, Alabama or Mesa, Arizona, or Springfield, Missouri. By the time an idea I start work on today comes out in print, those youngsters will be in 10th grade. I make my choice today for kids who are in 1st grade. While my story passes through the processes of publication, they will pass through 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades. The world will go on changing in ways it’s hard to imagine. When they reach 5th grade, my new book, conceived in 2022, will be there to greet them. I wonder if they will like it, those kids of 2027. I wonder if they will even relate to it.