And that’s how it is

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I finished my part of a new draft of something JANE YOLEN and I are working on. Before I could even send it to her, my editor on a book that’s under contract sent me her opening thoughts about what I need to fix or defend. Two days ago another editor gave me a July 12 deadline to revise three spreads in the book I’m doing with her. There is something out there in the publishing cosmos that contrives to keep writers from becoming bored.

4 comments on “And that’s how it is

  1. Oh, yes! You are quite “write”, ha ha. There’s no such thing as boredom if you are a writer.
    I’ve never worked with a co-author, but editors for sure can help to fix a manuscript.

  2. Be sure to play with the turtles a bit! Who knows what they’ll do if they feel like you’re ignoring them!!

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