Word for Word of the Month is . . .

Hi everyone,

Sorry to keep you waiting! I thought you outdid yourselves in June. Didn’t you? It was really a stellar collection. Now let’s see what you’ll do with the word for July. A drum roll….


Huh? I think this is a great word. I look forward to seeing how many ways you can breathe life into your poems for July. Go!

The week in the rear view mirror…

Hi everyone,

The end of a quiet week of goo foffing. No meetings. No phone calls. No interruptions. Thirty-five hours of work. My accomplishments? I suppose the big news was my failed run for governor of Florida. Biggest disappointment? Florida remains doomed to make only one kind of pie forever. Worked on a poem for three days. Fiddled with a manuscript that’s an inch closer to submission. Made it to the gym three times. One dish of ice cream. No key lime pie. Fourteen glasses of water. Maybe something new will happen today. Otherwise, the week will end as it began, perfect. Thank you for walking along with me.