History repeats itself

Hi everyone,

I mentioned recently that I’m pausing now and then to add a bit more to my autobiography. Yesterday, June 6, 2022, I was working on a segment about catching my first Black Witch moth. It was fluttering against the window in a bowling alley in Mexico City where I was bowling with my dad in 1955.

This morning on my “Facebook Memories” a memory popped up from June 6, 2020, when I noticed a Black Witch moth perched on a stairwell wall here at Bella Vita.

Later in the day yesterday, June 6, 2022, Jeff found a dead Black Witch moth on a walkway no more than 60 feet from where I saw the one two years ago on the same date. I think the moth in 2020 was a female and the one yesterday is a male. Females are somewhat larger and have more distinctive markings. What do you make of that, Stephen King?