As my father-in-law used to say, “I did this to myself.”

Hi everyone,

Everything has been steady and calm lately. No meetings. No calls. I’ve chosen how to spend my time and set my pace.

Thank you Nate Papes, Springfield News-Leader, for the swell picture.

As of next week, that changes. Yesterday I received the editorial comments for an upcoming book, with a deadline for completion. Some changes are slight and won’t take long. Others, not so simple. I also received a note from the editor of different book. She has now completed her deep reading of a book I (and two others) have in the works with her. Next week she’s sending her remarks and requests for revisions. I expect to receive word — next week — from the editor on a third upcoming book that will require some tweaking and perhaps rewriting. Next week a fourth editor is sending the contract for a collaborative book with her. I will go first, writing poems so my colleagues can follow up with their own work. We could get started on that as soon as next week. Next week I have a zoom meeting about a fifth book, one that I’m eager to start writing. But it won’t be next week.

Why is that man laughing? He’s not hysterical. Really. He’s just a happy guy.