New acceptance, new invitation

Hi everyone,

Yesterday LAURA ROBB, MARY JO FRESCH, TIM RASINSKI, and I got word that our 3,700-word article –“The Art and Science of Teaching Reading” — has been accepted as an Op Ed column for the fall issue of California Reader. We’re delighted. Editors of education journals send out submissions to experts in the field to review. The editor of California Reader shared with us five comments about our article and they are all complimentary. Here’s one of them.Absolutely excellent discussion of the limitations of SOR (Science of Reading) and the practical applications of the ART.  We need this!!!!  Reading Specialists and Classroom Teachers alike will benefit from this easy to comprehend and apply article.  Thank you!!!

Laura Robb
Mary Jo Fresch
Tim Rasinski

On another matter, we also received an official invitation to submit a pre-recorded, 30-minute video for the 2022 Virtual CRA Literacy Conference, Connected With Literacy. “The virtual format provides us this exciting opportunity to reach out to literacy colleagues who might be willing to present 1-2 powerful literacy strategies in a short pre-recorded session. Accepted videos will be available for registrants on demand from the opening of the conference on October 21st through December 31, 2022.” We made a video for the California conference last year so we’re happy to be invited again.

And on a personal matter, I want to thank you for all your sweet birthday wishes to SANDY yesterday. I know she’ll be posting a lot of thank-you notes, too, but I have this handy format available to me so I’m taking advantage of it. THANK YOU!!