Hi everyone,

On May 13, I reported that a South African publisher was interested in including “The Little Boy’s Secret” from THE BOOK OF GIANT STORIES in an upcoming book for 4th grade Afrikaans-speaking students.

I’m pleased to say that I’ve now signed the agreement and look forward to seeing the new book in print. Publisher is Pearson South Africa in Cape Town. The book will be in print and electronic with up to 50,000 copies print and 10,000 electronic/digital.

I just did a fast scan of records and counted 31 previous reprints of stories from THE BOOK OF GIANT STORIES since it first appeared in 1972. The original book sold 780,000 copies in hardback and book club in a dozen languages. I have no way to know how many children have read some part of the book in the fifty years since then, but I think the number could rival or surpass the original number.