Me being boring

Hi everyone,

We sat up late last night watching a movie so SANDY suggested that I sleep an extra hour this morning and work an hour longer this afternoon. Wise woman. It felt SO good to get that extra hour today.

As for posting something on this bright Tuesday morning, I have nothing worth your while. It’s just more of the same. I’m reading notes from editors on two manuscripts, getting set to start the newly signed book with a February due date, waiting for the editor of the fourth book to send me her review notes, adding notes, when I can, to a book I’m eager to start, sneak writing a paragraph now and then on a project I started more than a year ago, and wishing I could get back to a manuscript I started several months ago with a partner who has been patiently waiting on me to get back to him.

You’ve heard bits and pieces of all this. If you want to skip over me for now, I wouldn’t blame you. When a writer is doing what writers do, it’s tedious to read about.