My Word of the Month poem for August

Hi everyone,

Ever try to think of a name and ask for help?

Judith, what's the name of that actress?

What actress?

You know, she's been in a lot of our favorite movies...

How should I know, Harold. What does she look like?

Uh, well, she has one side bigger than the other.

What are you talking about, Harold?

You know, up there.

Harold, are you talking about that woman's chest?
Are you staring at another woman's chest, Harold?

Of course not. I just can't think of her name, that's all.
You asked what she looks like
and that's what I remember.

A grown man. Fixated on another woman's breast.
You should be ashamed.

I'm not fixated, Judith. I just need her name!

Good night, Harold. 

I'm not fixated.

Turn off the light, Harold.

I think it's the one on the left that's smaller.