But nobody knows but They

Hi everyone,

I found another poem from the files that uses “name.” It was published in 1994 by Boyds Mills Press in a collection I called THE BOY WHO COUNTED STARS. The book didn’t sell well and I was disappointed because I liked the poems, but alas it had no theme. My editor had warned me about that, but I would have my way, and pay the price.

Thank you, Nate Papes, Springfield News-Leader, for the swell picture.

I don’t know their names,
but They live in the grass,
and They’re only two inches tall.
Nobody knows where They came from
or why They’re so terribly small.

They slip through the clover
and hide in the leaves,
so you seldom can see them at all.
Nobody knows why They live there
near the base of our garden wall.

They dance and parade
by the light of the moon
and visit with crickets all day.
Nobody knows how They got there,
or whether They’re planning to stay.

Maybe you’ll meet them,
and maybe you won’t,
if you come to my house to play,
‘Cause everyone wants to know who They are,
but nobody knows but They.

(c) 1994 David L Harrison, from THE BOY WHO COUNTED STARS