A hacker through and through

Hi everyone,

My friend and colleague, TINA HACKER, tried to post a poem for this month’s Poetry Challenge. Alas, the gremlins ate it. She tried again at my request and I’m posting it here for her. Thank you, Tina!

Hacker’s My Name
Used to be uncommon,
so when it first appeared in newspapers,
“Hackers Cause Computer Headaches,”
I cut out the headline, posted it
on my office walls. Soon had enough
to post on everyone’s walls.
HACKERS, the movie, turned
the swell into an ocean.
Never thought I’d be infamous,
send emails people wouldn’t open.
Might as well type SCAMMER
on the subject line.
Considered adding a disclaimer:
I’m not a virus or a vampire
sucking secrets from computers,
just someone with a name
as dreaded as an earthquake,
bubonic plague,
winter in Fargo.
Crashing worlds if not today
surely tomorrow.
Now on Blu-ray.
Tina Hacker

Previously Published in Silver Birch Press