Imagine that

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I opened the lid of the pool trap to remove leaves and other debris pulled into it since the previous day. In addition to leaves, I sometimes find surprises. Yesterday, I discovered a toad sitting atop a wad of leaves as well as a cricket popping all over the place seeking a way out. I set the toad out and watched to see if it was okay. Then I scooped up the cricket and carried it in my hand across the pool to a safer spot.

On the way across the pool, the cricket began to talk to me in a high-pitched, rapid delivery that made it necessary to bring it closer to my ear to follow what it was saying. It was a remarkable occasion.

chrrrrrr chrrrrr well that was horrible chrrrrr horrible just chrrrr awful with that chrrrr chrrrr foul toad staring at me and I knew that tongue chrrrr chrrrrrrrrrrr would fly out any second and yank me into that chrrrr that chrrrr that terrible mouth and chrrrr I’d be gone just like that but then you came along and off went the chrrrr chrrrr chrrrr toad and then you got me in your giant hand and I thank you for save chrrrr for save chrrrrr for saving me from a chrrrr squishy awful death and I know you’re a giant because I’ve seen giants before why just look at chrrrr at chrrrr just look at chrrrr the size of your giant hand and your skin is soft and chrrrrrrrrrrrrr kind and now just look at that toad of doom sulking over there where you put it down just chrrrrr sitting there all grumpy and pouty by itself like it got robbed or something and that tells you chrrrr so much about the character of a chrrrrrr chrrrrrr chrrrrr chrrrrr toad and where are my manners my name is chirpy they call me that chrrrr because everyone says I chrrrr talk a lot I always have a lot to say

I attempted to say something but the cricket had more to say.

that awful chrrrr toad has chrrrr eaten three of my chrrrrrrrrrrrr cousins just speared them with that chrrrr chrrrr tongue that flies out chrrrr zooms out of its foul mouth chrrrrrrrr and grabs you and you suddenly disappear down into the creature’s stomach chrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and I can’t think about chrrrr chrrrrr chrrrrr think about chrrrr what it’s like chrrrr down chrrrrr there and that’s what you saved me from so I know you are a good giant and my friend caty will chrrrrr thank you too when I tell him because chrrrr we all hate that chrrrr that chrrrr that chrrrr chrrrr toad and caty and I don’t speak the same language because he’s a catydid and I’m chrrrr a cricket chrrrr but we are still best friends chrrrr and toads eat katydids too and so do chrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr so do chrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr bats

and katy’s own dear mother got chrrr chrrr chrrr chrrrr eaten by a bat two nights ago and katy and I watched it chrrrr happen when his mother was flying from one tree to another and this chrrrrrrrr this chrrrrrrrr chrrrrrr this this this bat swooped down out of nowhere and chrrrr zapped his mother and then the chrrr monster flew over to a giant’s umbrella and took a chrrrr chrrrr took a chrrrr chrrrr nap like nothing had happened and that tells you chrrrrr a lot about the chrrrrr character of a bat and next very evening a giant let it go and we chrrrrrrrrr could not believe it

so anyway you are my hero for chrrrr saving me from the toad and setting me down in this chrrrr safe place I can’t wait to tell my mom about chrrrr everything that chrrrr happened and tonight I’m going to get my cousins and chrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr chrrrrrrrrrrrr we will sing to you and you won’t know me from the others chrrrrr but I’ll be singing loud as I can for the good giant so chrrrrr bye for now and chrrrrr thank you chrrrrr chrrrr chrrr chrr ch

You had to be there to appreciate all that happened. Last night we listened to the crickets singing, same as always, but somehow last night the chorus sounded different. One voice was louder than the others. Probably my imagination.