Back to work tomorrow…

Hi everyone,

My sincere thanks to TINA HACKER for creating and circulating a new reminder of my talk in November to The Writers’ Place in Kansas City. If you would like to help, please share this with those you know who might like to attend the free evening event. Thank you!

I sent much of last week on the sofa fighting a bad stomach reaction to a strong antibiotic. Today I can walk without hunkering over like an old man — no comments or smirks allowed — and my gut ache is down to a too many green-pear variety. I hope that by tomorrow morning I’ll be back at work and start the game of catch-up.

Here’s a little guy that has been around my office for a long time. I’ve forgotten where I got it. I wrote my first PINK PANTHER book in 1975. When I can, I’ll tell you about that, and the other two PP titles I did.