News from the wheel

Hi everyone,

Yesterday went well. I worked on some slides for the video I’ll make soon with TIM RASINSKI. It’s for this fall’s California Reading State Conference. The event is virtual this year so our video, plus a companion video being created by our partners, MARY JO FRESCH and LAURA ROBB, will be available on command for those who register for the conference wherever they live.

ELAINA KERSEY, my editor for THERE ONCE WAS A BOY, is in the process of editing the script and I spent part of my time working on it too. Sometimes we were in real time, which was interesting and productive. I need to get back to that this morning. First item of business is to do a better job of explaining what I mean when I tell about the window air conditioning unit we had when I was six years old and we lived in Ajo, Arizona. It was a hot, desert town not far from Mexico and summer temperatures were usually 100+. To help cool our living room, we had a contraption that fit into the window with a reservoir for a cake of ice. A large fan behind it blew the ice-cooled air into the room. Ahhh. Heaven.

The third thing I worked on yesterday was my least successful effort. I’m writing poems for first grade level for a new book and have finished the first five. Number six started well but ended like I did, tired and tired of it. Maybe today I’ll find the problem and fix it. The week I was sick cost me dearly so I don’t have a lot of time for error.