Out back after dark

Hi everyone,

I have no idea what made me think of this today. Memories are wondrous sources of inspiration.

You tried to plan the trip before full dark. 
The walk out back by night was never good.
Once inside with flesh on hard cold wood,
you held your breath as long as you possibly could,
and vowed next time to plan before full dark.

Lantern light was ghostly after dark.
Shadows in the corners danced on walls.
A prisoner of our needs when nature calls,
sounds amplified like waterfalls,
vowing never again after dark.

The odor pinched the nostrils after dark.
Stink dwelled in every ancient plank.
Every molecule of air stank.
Of all spots on Earth, most evil rank.
But still sometimes you had to go by dark.

(c) 2022 David L. Harrison, all rights reserved