Bringing Up a Writing Family: A Kidlit Journey with Award-Winning Author Jane Yolen

I hope you’ll have a chance to enjoy Jane’s interview too.


René Bartos: I am so excited to be able to chat with author Jane Yolen today! Welcome to Writers’ Rumpus Jane! I am humbled and honored to talk to a writer with your expertise and experience. Newsweek dubbed you “The Hans Christian Anderson of American Children’s Literature.” Wow! You have authored more than 400 books and are also an esteemed poet and essayist. My brain is trying to process this…Can you tell us a little about your journey into the kidlit world?

Jane Yolen: The funny thing is—I stumbled into it. I was a poet from early childhood, and with my younger brother used to interview neighbors in our apartment for a “newspaper” we wrote. Our mother typed it up with carbon papers and we sold it back to the neighbors for 5 cents each.

My father was a journalist, president of the Overseas Press Club and later on…

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