A short time out for business

Hi everyone,

I’m getting dressed to make a quick run to Springfield for a few hours. At noon I have a Zoom date with TIM RASINSKI and an editor. We’re pitching a new book and I trust my internet connections better at home than here. We’re only forty-five miles away. We’ll make another trip or two this week to meet other commitments but otherwise continue to enjoy the Ozarks and taking in more of the Branson shows.

High School Reunion

Hi everyone,

It has been sixty-seven years since I graduated from Springfield Central High School in a class of 620 or so students. Today is a day to see who made it back this year. There will be many memories to bring back and nod over. Here I go. SANDY, the good sport always, will be with me. We’ll sit with our old pals, LARRY and MARYANN WAKEFIELD.

Counting the numbers

Hi everyone,

When I get into a project with a a lot of parts and a contractual deadline, I stop often to recalibrate. The current one calls for me to write 50 poems by February 3. I started on September 1. As of today I’ve finished 21. On paper, it looks like I’m in decent shape. But November has travel in it. Factors in the wind. But I think, so far, so good.

I remember my dad counting his money when I was a boy. JOHN HARRISON prided himself on paying his bills on time. I have mental images of him, looking in his wallet, mentally calculating how much he had and how much he might need beyond whatever he had in the bank. Maybe that’s why counting and tracking numbers and priding myself on meeting deadlines have always been part of my own life.

Keep writing

Hi everyone,

According to a site called World Counts, 60 million people will die this year worldwide and 140 million babies will be born. In slightly more than a century, worldwide average life expectancy rose from age 31 to 71.5. If those numbers are anywhere near correct, our specie is adding a net increase of 80 million people a year and they are living longer.

By nature we seem to be a territorial bunch with a long history of scrapping among ourselves. Are we adding more soldiers or more good neighbors? Keep writing those books, folks. Keep the lamp lighted. There are children in homes around the globe who learn by fate which they are destined to become.