Dumpster diving for poems

Hi everyone,

I’m having fun in the 3rd grade, working toward ten poems for that group, and yesterday it occurred to me that I have a good many poems in my files that I’ve written for one reason or another over the years but not published, some of which might be right for this project.

I’m sitting here, scanning and weighing, setting aside one here and there. Up to eight with possibilities. I think there will be more. One or two seem to fit younger grades, another few would be better for 4th or 5th graders. Each poem I can find that works saves me a day or two of new work so it’s all good.

3 comments on “Dumpster diving for poems

  1. Love it! Feeling like cheating… but not really. I recently found £50 inside… my wallet of all things and that was nice too. The forgotten resources are wonderful.

  2. Sounds like a great plan!
    In college, I rewrote a paper from one class and turned it in for another class. I’d done lots more research for the second paper, and even included an interview I’d done with a Pulitzer Prize winner! I worked hard to make the second submission way better than the first one! Sadly, the second professor gave me a lower grade than the first one did. Lol!

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