My thanks to all

Hi everyone,

My thanks to all for responding yesterday with such positive comments about my autobiography. Early orders are being placed and I’m grateful. I appreciate the comments of advance readers whose remarks appear on the back cover. Among them, JANE YOLLEN wrote, “Honest, full of  (often) self-deprecating humor, but right on the nose, this autobiography by David L. Harrison is about his growth as one of the best writers and elder statemen of children’s books and children’s poetry books still publishing in America today.” SANDY ASHER said, “The curiosity, insight, warmth, and humor that have brought him world-wide success in this field are evident on every page of his captivating memoir. Bravo, David, for a life well-lived and well-told. “

Yesterday I finished the 26th poem of the 50 I need for the book under way. I’ve crossed the halfway mark and that’s a good feeling. Today, back in the wheel.