Writing for Children — Why and How

Hi everyone,

My PowerPoint slides are in a thumb drive and in the cloud (thanks JEFF) and I’ve selected the poems I’ll read. I’ll go over my notes a few more times and be ready. I know that some of you plan to attend tomorrow evening at The Writers Place and look forward to seeing you there. Three of my publishers have contributed a total of 26 books that I’ll be giving away. The event is open to the public and free so please share the information with someone who lives close enough to join us. The address in Kansas City is 31 W. 31st Street between Main and Broadway.

Most of us who have published books for children are asked now and then, “How do I get started?” The question seems simple enough but the answer isn’t. My talk is meant to add perspective to the question and provide some guidelines for those who might decide to try. The information will be of interest to others who are involved in various aspects of children’s literature — researching, teaching, reading, fostering a love for it. Wish me luck.