Another kind of grief

Hi everyone,

Wherever I go I see people with their dogs. Now and then someone posts about their great sadness when a beloved pet dies. This is a poem I read on Wednesday at The Writers Place. It was published in 2014 in THE POETRY ANTHOLOGY FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL, by Pomelo Books. I’ll write an original grief poem this month but decided to share this one for now.

He was so Little

Couldn’t reach a chair,
just stood there begging,
eyes bright, fanny wagging
until I reached down.

His puddles were so little
sometimes I’d miss them,
but he always gave himself away,
head hanging,
ears drooping, 

Loud noises scared him,
made him whimper,
come running to me
too scared to know what to do,
I’d pick him up,
hold him against my chest
till the shivering stopped.

We grew up together
except I got bigger,
he just got older.

we took him to the vet,
said goodbye,
left him there.

He was so little,
the hole in my heart

(c) 2013 David L. Harrison