At The Writers Place

Hi everyone,

SANDY and I had a good time being back in Kansas City even for a short visit, and I enjoyed the chance to address an audience at The Writers Place. My thanks again to TINA HACKER for the tremendous amount of work she invested in the event. It would never have happened without her. My thanks to Missouri’s current poet laureate MARYFRANCES WAGNER, who is also president of The Writers Place and introduced Tina who in turn introduced me.

I was grateful to see a number of dear friends in the audience, including CHERYL HARNESS, JOANIE ARTH, GAIL and ED CUNNINGHAM, and others. The program lasted an hour and a half.

The slides worked well and while the talk is fresh in my mind, I may look for a venue closer to home to give it a second time and see about having it recorded. I’m also considering making an article of it and sending it somewhere. We’ll see.

Whether I do anything else with it or not, it did me good to collect my thoughts for the talk and I loved being in front of a live audience again!