Happy Thanksgiving

Hi everyone,

I woke up with a LOUIS ARMSTRONG song in my head, “What a Wonderful Day.” SANDY and I hope that each day of the Thanksgiving weekend is, for each of you, a wonderful day.

Back tomorrow.

8 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Good morning David. What Louis Armstrong touches in me with so few words — love it! Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you and your wife!

  2. And so it has been a blessedly solitary day & I give thanks for it, along with – in no particular order + for the sake of brevity, leaving out a countless multitude of other blessings – Louis Armstrong, my little dog, books, pie, drumsticks & the innocent turkeys who once walked on them, dear David & Sandy, Tina Turner, John, Paul, George, & Ringo; and day-brightening red lipstick, particularly Revlon’s ‘Fire & Ice’

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