After all these years

Hi everyone,

Not long ago an author and fan of the French artist PHILIPPE FIX, contacted me to see if I could help him get in touch. He was hoping to purchase a piece of Fix’s art. I told him I’d tried a few times over the years since THE BOOK OF GIANT STORIES was published in 1972 but had never received a reply.

I was delighted to hear, a few weeks later, that the author had not only reached Fix but received a response. Encouraged by that, I tried one more time, this time translating a brief note into French. And this time it worked.

Philippe is my age, 85, and no longer creates books the way he has for so many years. But he remains active with his business matters and prefers to keep his work in Europe. I loved the long overdue exchange between two old men, fifty years after our Christopher Award book first came into print.

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