Lost and Found

Hi everyone,

I was checking my mail yesterday, electronically, and noticed that among the incoming is something from FEEDING AMERICA. It’s a plea for money I assume. Everyone gets such letters. Many non-profit organizations depend on donations to keep their doors open.

What makes this pitch different is that it’s addressed to L. Neva Harrison, my mother. Mom died in 2012 and she never lived at our house. Eleven years later, an organization that needs money to operate still doesn’t know she’s dead or have a policy to drop someone when they’ve gone eleven years without donating. It makes you wonder what percent of pleas for money, as well as every other kind of mass mailings sent by organizations all over the world, are mailed to dead people. If I were a journalist, I might see an article in that envelope. I’ll stick to my stories and poems. But it does make me think I’ll wind up pulling some material from this opportunity.