Adult “W.O.M.” Poems

Each month this blog will feature a word of the month to stimulate a poem. Anyone who wishes to share a poem is invited to participate. The point is to enjoy the challenge of writing a poem inspired by a single word. It doesn’t matter if this is your first poem or five hundredth. It’s all done for the fun and exercise of writing.

Cutoff for posting the current Word of the Month poem is the last day of the month.

On the first day of each month, a new word will be posted to challenge your imagination for that month.

Please post your poems on this page, so everyone can find the poems easily. 

Thank you and have fun!


PS: The word for January is JOY.

44 comments on “Adult “W.O.M.” Poems

  1. Joy poem
    The joy of living a long full life.
    The sadness of watching your friends and family pass away.
    The joy of seeing new things invented today.
    The sorrow of watching the disappearing of old ways.
    I could drive my shiny new sports car way too fast. Now my reflexes are way too slow so public transportation is how I go.
    To put it all in perspective my joy has far outweighed my sorrow. My wonderful memories are far better than my tomorrow’s.
    I’ve been blessed so now I’m ready for the rest.

      • I think we all wonder about our eventual demise and how we handle it. Fully knowing leaving our loved ones to our heavenly home is going to happen.

    • Thank you. So very true… as we age… the balance of joy and sorrow. My mom (88) is always bemoaning the loss of her friends and says she has lived too long…

      • My parents also wondered if they had been left behind and why. Ultimate faith in god makes life and death so much easier. I worry and pray for folks with no religious life.

    • Ditto what Janet Gallagher said. As long as joy outweighs sorrow, you’re the winner. You have expressed the balance in life well, Don. Here’s to more joy!

  2. When I woke up this New Year’s morning to a wonderland, I could not resist . . .

    by Cory Corrado ©

    No one saw me
    standing tall and alone
    feet planted deep in fresh snow
    skyward gazing
    arms raised
    swaying side to side
    giggling giddy with joy.
    No one saw me
    except chipmunks woodpeckers and squirrels.
    No one heard me except the trees in my woods.
    No one ―
    yet I was not alone
    joy dancing in the sigh-lence of snow
    Joyful New Year, everyone!

    • Jeanne P
      I love this poem.
      The picture reminds me of my November poem about my brother making us a scooter out of one roller skate, an orange crate and a couple pieces of wood. It brought joy to us.

    • Cory
      Some of our best times are when we are alone and can express our true feelings without someone to make the moment less. Thank you. I didn’t go out dancing in the snow, but I was able to let my mind run and dance with your words.

    • Cory: I see you in my mind! Yes!!! The surprise of snow, the joy of a new day, the chance to dance… I love this one, Cory! Beautiful! Sigh-lence is lovely.

    • Jeanne P
      I love this poem.
      The picture reminds me of my November poem about my brother making us a scooter out of one roller skate, an orange crate and a couple pieces of wood. It brought Joy to us.

  3. Hi David,
    I Gooffeedddd! I put a post for Jeanne P in the space for Cory. I was able to put the Jeanne P. one in the correct space but wasn’t able to delete the wrong one.
    Please fix it so I don’t look so bad on our first day of the new year!

    Happy New Year to ALL of the writers here on Word of the Month Poetry. Thanks, David for 10 years of fun! It has been a joy to read these poems and be able to participate with such skilled people.

  4. Hi all: Here is my JOY poem


    Grandfather died
    before we were born.
    Tradition dictated
    we be named after him.
    Samson, Sam .
    His Hebrew name Simcha
    meant joy.
    Cousin Joy was born two weeks early.
    My parents scrambled, used the J.
    Like her name, Joy
    was brimful with delight.
    I, quieter, more dour,

    would have made a terrible Joy.
    But I was the best Jane.

    @2020 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • You are, without a doubt, the BEST Jane! And names usually do come with a story. Mine is that my mom was a teacher, so she wanted a name that did not evoke memories of a naughty child or that lent itself to nasty nicknames. Hence, Jane.

      • I never knew that about either of your names but you are the best Janes I’ve encountered. I’ve always thought it was important to know what names mean or where they came from. We did a Story Time once about names and I looked up each child’s name beforehand. I was amazed at the number of people who didn’t know what their child’s name meant. Quite a few names came from TV shows. My name comes from a King Arthur tale that my mom read in high school. It was the tale about the kitchen knight assigned to help a lady rescue her sister. The lady was quite a snob. 🙂 If I’d been a boy, my name would have been Herbert after my grandfather and father.

  5. Susan’s Joy

    A new year has begun
    and I’m still feeling overwhelmed from the holidays.
    Yet the the urge to start anew is strong!
    Oh what joy to sit, sift, and sort through the drawers
    and baskets of my past year in silence,
    contemplating each card, letter, and scribbled note
    I’ve hoarded for some unremembered reason.
    A weight seems to lift from within with each scrap that’s
    thrown away. I won’t miss them, I’m sure.
    My desk is now clean and ready…
    for the inevitable notes that will find their way
    into my heart and drawers again.
    I’m ready!

  6. Leaves
    By Linda Boyden©2020

    leaves float on
    the palm of the wind.

    Earthbound, they
    glide through a sky of blue;
    clouds amuse and birds tease them
    until they land on top of
    a pile of fallen brethren
    cradled by the warmth of the sun.

    Once there, cats roll and claw deep,
    leaving behind their tangy odors.
    Teens rake them into piles
    grumbling all the while
    about how stupid and lame
    this chore is.

    The leaves listen only
    to the voices exclaiming
    about their beauty
    very much like pretty women
    and treacherous goddesses do.

    When little ones kss-kss-kss their feet
    through the raked piles, spinning
    the leaves skyward again,
    do they revel in the blue air,
    wondering if this joy might last forever?

    Day by night,
    night by day, changes come.
    The fallen leaves wait,
    unaware of their future;
    how their October beauty
    will slide into November,
    shrivel into brown,
    wilt into winter,
    only to resurrect again
    as soil in the Spring.

  7. Worlds, creation and demise

    A world is born
    I sit and sing

    Into this nascent world I bring
    security and comfort
    lullabies and nursery rhymes
    human presence
    in the early hours
    of world-creation

    By the humidicrib
    I sit and sing

    I sit and sing
    in intensive care

    hymns familiar and consoling
    bear comfort and love
    as a world ends

    Her rich world –

    Great-grandchild –
    baby of delight
    late husband, sisters, mother
    elegant old furniture
    houses, clothes, music
    righteous indignation

    that point of view ceases.

    I sit and sing


  8. We’ll just do it this way for WordPress. 🙂 Please delete the others, David, and sorry to cause you extra work.


    Round and
    Bubbles up
    Through troublesome
    Washes us with waves,
    And cannot be held back
    Any more than the

    c2020 Jane Heitman Healy

  9. Choosing Joy

    You stood at the pulpit
    eulogizing my niece,
    your brother’s godchild,
    your son’s only sibling,
    your daughter.

    You stood and painted
    a word picture of a spunky
    little girl. A bright, gifted,
    colorful artist, musician, with
    an amazing sense of humor.

    You outlined her struggles,
    and, through a constricted throat
    entreated us to choose joy,
    to always choose joy
    to remember the joy in Han’s life
    as we think of her, remembering

    the laugh out loud Uno games,
    the pumpkin picking and face painting
    the last vocabulary lesson we could help her
    with. The turtle exchange we had.
    I saw a box turtle on the street
    one day, and made sure it crossed safely.
    I know she did.

    Linda Trott Dickman

  10. In a Flash

    Like speedsters
    On a racetrack
    They zoom close
    Then away…
    Between houses
    Around corners
    And out of sight

    A few swoop in for
    A pit-stop at my feeders
    Gulp a seed or two
    Then hurried wingbeats
    And up…
    Into the race again!

    No sign of finish line
    Or checkered flag
    But all at once
    The race is done…

    Nothing left but
    A few seeds
    One bewildered spectator
    And a fluttering sense
    Of joy

    © Karen Eastlund

  11. Seasons of Joy

    Joy; the first snow glistening flakes fall like icy feathers blanketing the ground.

    Joy; knowing the fluff is not here to stay, the ground is too warm.

    Joy; the first day of spring when life wakes up from winter’s cold and heavy grip

    to show all the colorful, fresh life as life begins anew.

    Joy; summer’s fun with animals and people splashing in sparkling water

    that can be still and quiet, shimmering in the sun. Air, hot, sticky, and breezy.

    Joy; fall, leaves of many colors are on the trees and the ground crunchy carpet.

    The season is mysteriously changing, slowly again – Joy!

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