Videos and Interviews

KY3 about  my 85th birthday:

The interview is on KSLA Website:
KA/MO SCBWI, Winter 2020:
Link to the blog interview with Mary Jo Fresh about our book EMPOWERING STUDENTS’ KNOWLEDGE OF VOCABULARY by Sam Bommarito:

An Interview with David Harrison and Mary Jo Fresch about their new book: Empowering Students’ Knowledge of Vocabulary

Link to You Tube interview:

Faculty Interview: David Harrison

Missouri Reader, Fall 2015


Halloweenish take off on Macbeth’s witches, turning the pot into a crock pot.

70-minute interview for Meyer Library archives.

Byron Biggers Band on YouTube. These are my poems set to music and performed:

2/11/14 childrens-poet-david-l-harrison


4/4/13 Kathy Temean Interview

4/2/13 Julie Hedlund Interview

8/20/12 Linnea Heaney

6/23/12 April Halprin Wayland

2/3/12 Roxie Hanna Interview

12/16/11 Robyn Hood Black Interview

3/28/10 Bruce Black Interview

4/13/10 Tricia Stohr-Hunt Interview

4/19/10 Gregory Pincus Feature

6/4/10 SCBWI Princeton, NJ Keynote, poetry workshop

12/28/09 Cynthia Leitich Smith Interview

9 comments on “Videos and Interviews

  1. Hello David:

    I was looking forward to your interview with Rebecca Kai Dotlich which I thought was scheduled for April 16.

    I was wondering when we might expect to read your interview with Ms. Dotlich.



    • Hi Carol-Ann,

      Rebecca got tangled up in scheduling and couldn’t make it on the 16th. You will see her next Friday instead, on April 23.

      Thanks for checking.


  2. David,
    Now that I have your correct email address, I forwarded you the
    email about possibly being a guest speaker at our Young Authors’
    Conference. I also sent it by fax this morning. Please let me know
    if you received the email or fax. I look forward to hearing from you

  3. Hi David,
    It looks as though we’ve missed you again this year. The Kansas Library Association annual conference begins Oct. 9 (my birthday!) through Oct. 11. It appears you’ll be in New York. I hoped we could persuade you to join us on Oct. 9. This year the conference is held in conjunction with the school librarians conference, so we’ll have a large audience. I don’t have authority to schedule speakers beyond Oct. 9, but would be happy to send your info on to the conference planner for the days following the 9th. It would be so great if you could present! Please let me know. Thanks and take care, Wendy

    • Hi, Wendy,
      Thank you for being in touch. You might want to follow up using my e-mail address at I’m considering the possibility of going to NYC before the Honesdale Poetry Workshop and going to Kansas City afterward. Maybe there’s a chance of working something out.

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