Our operators are standing by

Hi everyone,

It is my privilege to introduce a new niche market business. I hope you will all get behind this ambitious new enterprise and cheer on the owner/proprietor.

Please spread the word about:

Our Motto:
“No toad has too many warts!”

Does she deserve a little love or what? I know she will appreciate your business.

I have a feeling I’m about to get the business too.

Mother Goose is back

Hi everyone,

Sunday evening daughter Robin, son-in-law Tim and grandson Kris came over. I grilled burgers on the grill, which were nowhere near as good as the ones Tim does, but they were tolerable.

While I was in the yard I glanced down the steps to the landing by the water and noticed a rather pronounced accumulation of goose poop. I walked down the steps and discovered that we have a nesting goose on the rocks beside the landing. I don’t know who was more startled, Mother Goose or me, but she wasted no time letting me know how she felt.

“Geez!” she hissed. “You scared the crap out of me!”
“I can see that,” I said. “All over my landing. But I’m sorry I frightened you.”
“Then run along, sonny,” she honked. “Can’t a girl have a little privacy around here?:
“Of course,” I said. “I can see you are in a motherly way.”
“Motherly way?” she snapped. “I’m way past that, you dolt. I’m on my eggs!”
“Well I can’t exactly see under you,” I responded, my pride wounded by her sarcasm.
“You think I’d be sitting here on these rocks if I didn’t have eggs?”
“I suppose not,” I admitted. “But I have to tell you that I’m afraid you’ve picked a poor spot for your nest.”
She began to weave her long neck like a cobra. “Poor place?” she hissed. “What, may I ask, does a dummy like you know about it?”
Now I was getting peeved. Rocks or no rocks, she was on my property and I thought I deserved a little respect. “Because,” I said with a haughty air. “Some poor cluck tried it there on the very same spot two years ago. We had a heavy rain, the lake rose three inches, and the eggs were drowned. That’s what I know!”
She lowered her head and looked out over the water for a minute before responding. “I remember that,” she said with a sigh.
“You remember that but still you’re back?” I was astonished. “Why?”
“Why?” she sighed. “Because the idiot I’m mated to likes me here where he can keep an eye on me while he’s across the lake hanging with the swans, pretending he’s a big gander on a stick.”
Well that took me back a bit. “I can see you’re busy, Mother,” I said. “Sorry to bother you.”
“My problem,” she said, a bit more gently. “Just don’t try to be part of it. Go away. Leave me alone.”
As I walked back up the steps I was sure I remembered her. She was pretty cranky the last time too. Come to think of it, this is the third year she has nested down there. Last year she wound up with two goslings for her trouble. I hope she has even better luck this year. That’s what we need around here: more goose grunt on my steps.

Questions from children

Hi everyone,
Here’s a quick one on the fly. Charlesbridge has posted some Q/A between some school kids and me about NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T. Here’s the link if you’re interested. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0750/0101/files/discussion-activity-guide.pdf?13872820801633084475. My thanks to Alaina Leary for putting this together.

Dumpster diving into the files

BULLETIN: Hey look at me! I meant to show you earlier but forgot. 20170116_163124_resizedI can’t vouch for the rest of me, but my feet are awesome!

Hi everyone,

Each day my blog stats indicate which of the previous 2,245 posts are being visited in addition to the one I just put up. Generally folks from several countries stop by and look up something or merely browse for a while. Yesterday’s list of previous posts included my school dedication pictures and speech, adult W.O.M. poems, poems for two voices, information about me, talks and school visits, young poets W.O.M. poems, poetry tips, and an assortment of other subjects. The most popular among them was the dedication speech, which dates to August 26, 2009. Here’s a direct link if anyone else is interested.

I’m always reminded, when I too look back at the early days of this blog, how many things we tried. I interviewed more people then, had more contests, posted more ballots, wrote more writing tips. Now? Most mornings I pour the coffee, turn on the light, sit down, and let the day begin. You may not be getting your money’s worth anymore, if you ever did. But more then 2,700 say they follow me so for that I’m grateful and I apologize for those mornings when about all I have to offer is, “Hi everyone.”

Wishing you a nice day

Hi everyone,
David on rock 1
I was feeling sly yesterday, thinking I would pre-post something for today so I wouldn’t have to wake up and stare at this keyboard and wonder what on earth to talk about. I did a whole riff on being late taking down the holiday decorations, which I was finally getting around to, but it was trite so I deleted it and decided I work better under pressure. At 3:30 I tried a second time to amuse or inform or just walk along beside you for a while today. Thank you for joining me.

Lately we’ve talked about quite a few things and I’ve enjoyed them all. By nature, believe it or not, I treasure silence. I love people but don’t necessarily need to keep up a constant chatter. Sometimes, especially among good friends, it’s just nice to be close, share the moment, and not say anything.

Please join me, think your own thoughts while I think mine. Thanks.