Differentiated Visual Tools (TM)

Hi everyone,

Some months ago I visited with educational consultant Vicki Ricketts about a major project she is working on with Edwin S. Ellis, a Research Partner at the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning and Professor Emeritus at the University of Alabama. They have been hard at work developing what they call Differentiated Visual Tools for Strategic Instruction in Literature. This is a K-­12 discipline-­specific approach to systematically teaching content information while integrating instruction in key information processing strategies addressed by Common Core and Career Readiness Standards. Here’s their site. https://makessensestrategies.com/learn-more.

The 9-10 Literature series is complete and can be purchased at the website. They have customized the Differentiated Visual Tools for Texas and Virginia to fit their state standards and are receptive to customizing these tools for other state standards as well.

I agreed to provide some consultation about the poetry section and contribute a poem or two. Last week I met again with Vicki and borrowed the CD that contains the entire course. It’s quite an impressive and ambitious undertaking but I think they’re set to go. I’m glad to see some of my work involved and look forward to future opportunities to contribute. If you’d like to speak directly with Vicki about the course, here’s her contact information. vickiricketts114@gmail.com


Today at Drury

Hi everyone,

I’m focusing on the poetry workshop next week in Honesdale but today I look forward to speaking to the Advanced Writers Workshop at Drury, which is part of this year’s Writing Center program: Writers Talk, Brown Bag Lunches. The course is taught by professor Jo Van Arkel who is a fine writer.

Sorry to be so brief in my posts lately but it’s crunch time on several fronts, not the least of which is getting my hair cut before facing all those poets next week!


LET’S WRITE for graduate credit

Hi everyone,

My new DVD series, LET’S WRITE THIS WEEK WITH DAVID HARRISON is being officially introduced this weekend at International Reading Association’s annual conference in San Antonio, Texas. I don’t know how many will attend this year’s event but it will be well over 10,000 from the U.S. and numerous other countries.
David and Laurie
I’ve posted about this kit before but I’d like to emphasize that a college graduate course is now available based on the DVDs, teachers’ guide book, and concept.

Dr. Lauren Edmondson, my co-author for the guide book and student writing journal, will teach the online course and can be reached for further information at this address: ledmondson@drury.edu  . Laurie is also the Interim Director of the School of Education and Child Development at Drury University.

She and I worked together to create this class to appeal to teachers who want to enhance their skills for teaching writing to students in grades approximately 3-5. In districts where the kits are provided to elementary teachers, the class is a special opportunity to put LET’S WRITE to work. Laurie is ready and eager to hear from anyone who wants to know more about this unique course. Please pass this information along to others who might like to take a graduate course based on my forty years of work with students combined with Laurie’s many years of experience teaching in the classroom and teaching teachers to prepare for the classroom.