New poster added to David Harrison Conference Room

Hi everyone,

I am so happy to thank the good people at Springfield-Greene County Library District. A new poster of my work just went up in the David Harrison Conference Room at The Library Center on South Campbell in Springfield.

The room was dedicated in 2003. A lot has happened in the 19 intervening years so now a new poster joins the original. I’m delighted! My special gratitude to KATHLEEN O’DELL (Director, Community Relations) for facilitating the project, to DANNY DYER (Community Relations) for assembling all the parts and creating the finished display, and ANNIE BUSCH (former Executive Director of Springfield-Greene County Library District) for sponsoring the new addition.

If you ever visit this incredible library, please ask the location of “my” conference room. Go there and enjoy yourself, but when you leave, be sure you dust and pick up. I’m pretty particular about how people treat the David Harrison Conference Room.

Merry Christmas from Poland

Merry Christmas 2014 from Poland

Hi everyone,

Some time ago I told you about a Polish gentleman who runs a remarkable library in his home town. Here’s the link back to that post. Since I became represented in his library, Tadeusz had kept in touch and just now sent this picture of him holding Victoria.

I have high regard for Tadeusz Glowinski and his wonderful library, which he tends with help from his granddaughter, Daria. I don’t think he’ll mind if I share his Christmas greeting with all of you. I include his contact information in case any of you might like to send your own wishes to him.

Dear David,

I wish You a very Merry Christmas
and all the best for healthy, happy and successful 2015!

With love from

Tadeusz Glowinski, Daria, Victoria and GLOWINSKIS’ LIBRARY

Exhibit closing on May 29


Hi everyone,

Yesterday Sandy and I went to the Meyer Library on the Missouri State University campus. We both wanted to spend time admiring the handiwork of those who put together a display of my work last month when David Harrison Day kicked off a seven week exhibit of books, manuscripts, interviews, magazine stories, photographs, etc. I loved seeing it all in one place.IMAG1263
The exhibit starts coming down in six days and will be packed in storage boxes for now. IMAG1266
I’m told that there have been many visitors during the last several weeks. If you or someone you know might have an interest in seeing the display, you have until May 29.IMAG1274
I took some pictures yesterday with my phone. They didn’t turn out very well but I’ll share a few here. IMAG1277
There's another display of several of my titles in the children's literature collection. I think it stays up longer but I'm not sure.

Once again, my thanks to Cherri Jones, Tom Peters, Dave Richards, Dea Borneman, and everyone else at Meyer for their wonderful work and support.


A remarkable librarian in Poland

BULLETIN: Tadeusz has sent a note and asked me to post it in the comments, which I’ve done. Thank you, Tadeusz!Polish librarian holding Pirates

Hi everyone,

Let me tell you about Tadeusz Glowinski, a man who loves books. He loves them so much that he has created a library in his home in Oleśnica, Poland, a community of about 37,000. Boyds Mills Press just gave him a book of mine and my number is 9,720.

Here’s a link to this remarkable man’s list of authors.

And here is a note from Teddy himself. How could anyone say no to this man?

Dear David Harrison,

a “little” before I did write to You about my library in Poland.
Now I want to tell You that I have the MAP with flags …

I have for You a pretty photo. Darunia

That girl is my granddaughter Daria, who will be librarian in the future, I think.

GLOWINSKIS’ LIBRARY has thousands of cordial contacts
with “People of books and arts” on whole the World.
On this map there are places-countries from where I have books for my library or illustrations for “Gallery of World’s Illustrations” at GLOWINSKIS’ LIBRARY. There are 89 countries !!! I dream about more and more …
That map is in my flat, in my library there is too little place!

Dear Friend, I would like to have in my library also Your book … or illustration (-s) …

Just in time there are circa 8 thousands books on 52 languages !!!!!!!!!!!!!

See please, there is the list of Illustrators in my Gallery:

I wish You beautiful day!

Best Regards from Poland,

Tadeusz Glowinski – librarian volunteer
(I have new website but not good yet)

ul. Waly Jagiellonskie 20
56-400 Olesnica
Poland – Polska