Pennsylvania Reads

Hi everyone,

I’m grateful to Hollie D’Agata and Tammy Brown for interviewing me for this new issue of PENNSYLVANIA READS, Journal of the Keystone State Literary Association. Last December they called from Marywood University and we talked more than an hour.

Yesterday I received a copy of the just-out journal, Volume 19, Number 1, Fall 2020, and am delighted to see the 6+ page interview included. My thanks to Hollie, Tammy, and the whole editorial staff for hosting me in their journal.

Because Jane said so

Hi everyone,

On November 8, 2018 I posted my Word of the Month poem inspired by the word US. Here’s the poem.

Here’s to Us

For those of us
Who spend our time
Mining words, rhythm, rhyme,
And find the drudgery sublime,
Here’s to us.

For those of us
Who dream at night
Tomorrow we’ll resume the fight,
Tomorrow we will get it right,
Here’s to us.

For those of us
Who once in a while
Capture what we mean with style
And write one line that makes us smile,
Here’s to us!

(c) David L. Harrison, all rights reserved

Jane Yolen made a comment, “If you are an SCBWI member, send it to them for th Bulletin. It’s a terrific picker-upper.”

I am a member, I did send it to them, they did accept the poem, and it does appear in this Summer Bulletin that just came out. Thank you and XOs, dear Jane.