David Harrison Elementary School

Hi everyone,
David Harrison Elementary2 282 David Harrison Elementary SchoolDavid Harrison Elementary2 279
Do you have any idea how I love typing the name of that school? On Thursday I attended an assembly at which the Missouri State University In-School Players, under the direction of Michael Frizell, himself a well known, gifted, and professional actor, performed materials selected from my poetry and stories for young people. IMAG2249It was a WOW on a scale of 10.

Sandy attended with me. The kids waved and grinned. Many came up later for hugs and high-fives and hurried whispers. It does not get better than that.

Thank you, Michael. Thank you, In-School Players: Nick Oswalt, Cassidy Flynn, Lyric Arvizu, Zoe Zelonky, Kendrick Hooks, Annie Lewis Lay, Melanie Humphrey, Hannah Katherine Green, and Sarah Rebottaro.

A special thanks to Harrison principal Christine Mendel. Chris, you always make me feel welcome.



Visiting Robberson Community School

Hi everyone,

Today is a good day for me. I’ll visit Robberson Community School, Springfield’s first year around elementary school, to talk to grades 3-5 students from 10:15-10:45 and K-2 students from 10:55-11:20.

From 1:00-1:45 the Missouri State University IN-SCHOOL PLAYERS will perform a play based on the body of my work as part of this year’s 16-school tour.

My thanks to Community School Coordinator Christian Mechlin and Principal Kevin Huffman for arranging my visit to Robberson and to MSU’s Michael Frizell for working with the IN-SCHOOL PLAYERS. I look forward to the day!

Read it at the library

David Harrison Elementary2 282

Hi everyone,

I was recently asked by Carrie Alkier, Library Media Specialist at David Harrison Elementary School, to provide some brief quotes that she could put in the library window.David Harrison Elementary2 315 Yesterday she sent me the results of her handiwork, and I think she did a splendid job. Take a look.


THANK YOU, CARRIE!!David as bookends IMAG2753