Hi everyone,

It’s noon on Monday and we just got home. We were supposed to fly into Springfield last night but the best American Airlines could do was get us to Kansas City where we had to rent a car and drive the rest of the way this morning.

For some reason it took American Airlines three flights to get us from Savannah to Charleston to Dallas to Springfield, starting yesterday afternoon at 4:30. But American Airlines reported mechanical problems on the first flight, which meant we would miss connections along the way and spend the night in Charleston.

We eventually opted for a reroute to Kansas City from Dallas. American Airlines was so late in leaving Charleston that we would have missed our Dallas connection but that American Airlines flight was also delayed and by running and hooking a ride on a cart we barely managed to make it before the gate door was close.

We rented a car in Kansas City and I planned to drive on in last night but American Airlines was so slow in leaving Dallas that we didn’t arrive in Kansas City until after 11:00 and we decided to forgo the 2 1/2 hour drive.

We wound up spending the night with out dear friend Elaine Fry where we loved watching the final inning of the Royals winning the World Series –yay Royals! — had a drink and snacks, and tumbled into bed.

And that, friends, is how an otherwise nice trip ended. Thank you, American Airlines, for making our return trip so memorable.