Practicing Poetry Tips #1, #2, and #3

Practicing Poetry Tips #1. #2. and #3


I’m on vacation and having way too much fun to work very hard. Instead of coming up with Poetry Tip #4 today, I think it would be more pleasant (at least for me) if you would play with some the elements discussed in the first three tips. I’ve listed the ones I have in mind above.

Here’s what I suggest. How about writing some couplets in iambic meter?

Write one in which the first line demonstrates enjambment and one in which the first line demonstrates end-stopped line.

For another exercise, write at least two lines of anapestic tetrameter, again demonstrating enjambment and end-stopped lines.

Don’t forget to place the most important words toward the end or beginning of your lines when you can. In verse that can be quite a challenge so don’t get too hung up on it.

By the way, it’s cool in Florida but there is no snow!