A stone painting we love

Hi everyone,

We were delighted to have special guests yesterday. Sandy’s cousin Leslie Johnson with her husband John, son Caleb, and daughters Hannah and Grace, drove down from Kansas City for the afternoon. We spent the time outside on the patio and in the pool. We caught up on news while the young peeps splashed in the water and afterward we dined on pizza and cookies, water and tea. What a feast.

A highlight of the afternoon was when Hannah presented us with a stone she had painted just for us. We were honored! The rock came from Indiana and by the shape of it I suspect it was rounded by a glacier sometime in the distant past.
Not only is the gift special because Hannah painted it for us, the message goes straight to the heart of all who dream and believe there’s more out there waiting for those willing to look for it, and seize it. Thank you, Hannah. We love you and your wonderful family. Thank you for taking a Sunday to drive six hours to brighten our lives.