And the Bullfrogs Sing

Hi everyone,

I’m delighted to report that my next book out, a nonfiction story of the bullfrog’s life cycle, illustrated by Kate Cosgrove, is already posted on

The back story on this one is that I wrote it for another publisher and the editor liked it very much, but when she took it to committee, it didn’t make it. I sent it to a second publisher (Holiday House) and it was taken immediately. You can preorder now although pub date isn’t until May 14.

And the bullfrogs sang

Hi everyone,

Yesterday Grace Maccarone sent sketches for my new picture book, AND THE BULLFROGS SANG, being published by Holiday House next year. It’s the first art I’ve seen for the book, which is being illustrated by Kate Cosgrove, and I like it very much. The book is about the life cycle of bullfrogs. I should dedicate it to those lusty singers who sit around the shore of Goose Lake in spring, each trying to outdo its competitors in attracting a mate.

I’ll spend part of today going back over the text to make a few corrections and I also need to write the back matter. I have plenty of notes so that shouldn’t take too long.