March poetry winners, April Word of the Month, and Kelly Milner Halls tomorrow

Hi everyone,My thanks to Kathy Temean for pitching in to help announce our Hall of Fame Poets for March. I’m off on my jaunt but Kathy has read the polls and is making today’s announcement of our winners. Thanks, Kathy!As for Word of the Month Poet winners, I asked the judges for a quick turnaround before I left so I can announce them today too.


Adult:  Julie Krantz for Sandpiper

Grades 3-7:  KnowEl Willhight for Here Comes the Sun 

Grades 8-12:  Ashley Swartz for Spring 


Adult: Julie Krantz, North Carolina, for Sandpiper
Grades 3-7: Caleb Kynard, Ohio, for Rain
Grades 8-12: Ashley Swartz, Florida, for Spring

My thanks as always to everyone who participated in the month’s one-word challenge. Remember, we approach this challenge as a writing exercise to keep our imaginations fresh and get in some regular practice at writing poems. It’s all fun and our participants enjoy encouragement and supporting one another. Positive comments are always welcome whether you have shared a poem of the month or not.


April marks our 19th Word of the Month. How many of the previous 18 words have inspired you to write a poem? Some of you will soon have enough for a book! Our word for April is SPACE. I hope you have fun with it.


And now for still more good news! My Featured Guest this week is Kelly Milner Halls, a thoroughly entertaining author whose free spirit and love of children beam through everything she says or does. Here’s a brief bio and book list. Tomorrow you will meet her “in person.”

Kelly Milner Halls is an award winning nonfiction author for kids, specializing in quirky topics of special appeal to reluctant readers. Her titles include Dinosaur Mummies, Albino Animals, Wild Dogs, Tales of the Cryptids, Dinosaur Travel Guide, Mystery of the Mummy Kids, Dinosaur Parade, Wild Horses and Saving the Baghad Zoo.

In the fall of 2011, her new book In Search of Sasquatch will be available. Alien Investigation, Hatchlings: A Lifesize Look at Baby Dinosaurs and her first fiction project, Girl Meets Boys will be published in the fall of 2012. Halls makes her home in Spokane, Washington with two daughters, one dog, too many cats and a four foot rock iguana named Gigantor. When she’s not writing or visiting elementary and middle schools across the nation, she’s working as her friend, YA novelist Chris Crutcher’s personal assistant and occasional cat sitter.

PARTIAL BIBLIOGRAPHY:Dinosaur Mummies (2003, Darby Creek Publishing)
Albino Animals (2004, Darby Creek Publishing)
Wild Dogs (2005, Darby Creek Publishing)
Tales of the Cryptids (2006, Darby Creek Publishing)
Random House Dinosaur Travel Guide (2006, Random House)
Mysteries of the Mummy Kids (2007, Darby Creek Publishing)
Wild Horses (2008, Darby Creek Publishing)
Dinosaur Parade (2008, Lark/Sterling)
Saving the Baghdad Zoo (2010, HarperCollins/Greenwillow)
In Search of Sasquatch (2011, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
Alien Investigation (2012, Millbrook)
Hatchlings: A Life Size Look at Baby Dinosaurs (2012, Running Press)David