Blog tour stop #8

Hi everyone,

Today I’m happy to remind you it’s Margaret Simon’s turn to host my blog tour at Reflections on the Teche I hope you are enjoying the tour and will click over to see how Margaret is presenting AFTER DARK. Every stop on the tour has been quite different. Thank you, Margaret!

And tomorrow is the big day for me. It’s February 25, which means it’s the official publication day for AFTER DARK, POEMS ABOUT NOCTURNAL ANIMALS. Jena Benton, who suggested the tour in the first place and then designed the tour graphic to go with it, is hosting tomorrow. I’m eager to see that one too!

3rd stop on AFTER DARK blog tour and good news about AND THE BULLFROGS SING

Hi everyone,

As the blog tour for AFTER DARK continues, today Jane Heitman Healy is hosting at Read, Learn, and be Happy at

With a special thank you to Jena Benton for creating the tour graphic and for being my host on the day AFTER DARK comes out on the 25th, I am grateful to my 1st host, Kathy Temean, and 2nd host, Carol Varsalona. We’ve had many visitors who have left comments.

Yesterday I received exciting news about a recognition for AND THE BULLFROGS SING. It won’t be announced by the state involved until March 5 so more about it then. Needless to say, I’m delighted.

My thanks to all!

Planning a blog tour

Hi everyone,

Saturday my first bound copy of AFTER DARK arrived and I can hardly put it down. I keep asking Sandy if she’s seen my new book. For a while she smiled. Now I’m getting the one eyebrow up look. Anyway, I’m proud of it.

At the suggestion of others I’m putting together my first ever blog tour next month to help introduce AFTER DARK. I love trying new things and this one promises to be exciting. I’m scheduling week days from one week prior to pub date of February 25 to one week after (2/18-3/3). I plunged into this last Thursday and have been delighted with early responses. As of this morning I have only three open dates remaining and am told that it’s okay to have more than one host on a given day. I’m encouraged to think the dates will fill with plenty of time for hosts to prepare for their days. I’m extremely grateful. I’ll let you know when plans are complete.