Peddling my wares

Hi everyone,

Years ago when Highlights for Children started its line of children books, Boyds Mills Press, the publisher, KENT BROWN, set up a table outside to show off copies of their very first titles. A young assistant editor told me she couldn’t believe that the publisher would peddle books like they were baskets of corn at a farmers’ market. As I recall, she quit her job.

What the young miss didn’t understand is that things created must be sold, be they work of art, music, or books. Most artists make little money from their efforts and must spend a lot of their time finding buyers for their products. In the case of writers, we attend conferences, visit schools, speak before local civic groups, remain active on social media, and sign in book stores.

Some writers are outgoing salesmen by nature. They are adept at hawking their wares and do it routinely. We may at times grow weary of their constant sales pitches, but we also tend to buy their books. Other, perhaps most, writers have quieter dispositions that makes it difficult to talk about themselves and develop smooth sales pitches about their books. It’s hard enough to submit their work to editors, much less brag about themselves and their work.

This week I need to focus on marketing. I’ve fallen behind in submitting some manuscripts that I like. I dread the process because it’s so time consuming and my hopes aren’t high for finally finding homes for them. They’re like leftovers in the refrigerator, still tasty but running out of time.

KATHY TEMEAN created this blog spot for me in 2009 and I’ve used it heavily all these years to talk about my work. It was made specifically for this purpose. If you grow weary of my nattering on about what I do, I apologize.

Home again home again . . .

Hi everyone,

I’ll post a picture or two of the poetry workshop when I have a few minutes. It was a good week that included a lot of writing and discussing poetry. I got to bed at 1:30 this morning and gave myself the gift of an extra hour of sleep today. I look forward to being home for quite a while now because I’m seriously behind on my own work and need solid blocks of time to start catching up.

Fuller report soon. For now, thanks for being patient during a period when I rarely had an Internet connection or the time to post.


Highlights Foundation Founders Workshops

BULLETIN: Check out Joy Acey’s blog yesterday and today for her lovely treatment of COWBOYS. Thank you, Joy! Here’s the link:

Hi everyone,

Kent Brown is one of my all time favorite people. There are many reasons for this. Kent not only served for years as publisher of Highlights for Children, the world’s foremost magazine for young people, but he also imagined and then turned into reality a new line of books called Boyds Mills Press that would include America’s first and only imprint of poetry books for children — Wordsong.

It has been my pleasure to work with Kent and numerous fine people at the company since 1993 when SOMEBODY CATCH MY HOMEWORK was published. COWBOYS, which came out early this month, marks my 28th title with Boyds Mills Press, 16 of them with Wordsong.

Another of Kent Brown’s passions is to foster and encourage the development of countless budding artists and authors of children’s literature. He is not alone in this work. His family and their company have long been known for their generosity and steadfast efforts to bring new generations of creative people into the world of children’s books.
I’m sorry that this photo came out dark. The facility is new and lovely.

For the past few years, The Highlights Foundation, now headed by Kent, has been moving toward the establishment of a place to serve the needs of emerging writers and artists who come to the company founders’ property near Honesdale, Pennsylvania to study under a variety of people who are successful in their fields. That dream is now a reality and I’m pleased to introduce Kent Brown to tell you more about it. Kent?

Dear David,

We are in full bloom at our new Barn in Boyds Mills, and are holding 32 workshops this year. A number of our long-time faculty from Chautauqua are going to join in.

See the full list at .

Look forward to welcoming you, Eileen Spinelli, Rebecca Dotlitch, and Becky Davis to The Barn next month.


Kent L. Brown Jr.
Executive Director
Highlights Foundation, Inc.
814 Court Street
Honesdale Pa 18431
570 251 4500