Sunday Poets

Hi everyone,

More treats in store for today. In our second week featuring Sunday Poets, we have four new poems to enjoy. My thanks to Linda Boyden, Brenda A. Harris, Cory Corrado, and Cathy Ballou Mealey for sharing their work today.

Reminder: When you e-mail a poem for me to post on an upcoming Sunday Poets, don’t forget to include links to blogs, websites, or other points of interest that you want me to include below your poem. Friday is the cutoff for poems to be posted each Sunday. Otherwise, I’ll hang onto your poem and include it the following Sunday.

by Linda Boyden

My homework ate my dog;
was not a pretty sight.
To make it worse,
I’m double-cursed:
now my homework bites!

Linda Boyden
Author, storyteller, illustrator & poet

“The Blue Roses” from Lee & Low Books 2002, winner New Voices Award, Paterson Prize and Wordcraft Circle’s Book of the Year, 2003
My first illustrated book: “Powwow’s Coming” from the University of New Mexico Press, 2007. Newest book: “Giveaways, An ABC Book of Loanwords from the Americas”, written & illustrated by Linda Boyden (University of New Mexico Press). Check out  for the GIVEAWAYS book trailer and Feathered Quill for a review:  . “Giveaways”, winner of three Finalist awards from the 2011 International Book Awards, two Finalist Awards from the 2011New Mexico Book Awards and included in 2012 California Collections form the CA. Reading Association. “Powwow’s Coming” is included on Reading Is Fundamental’s 2011 Multicultural Book List!  . Check out GIVEAWAYS’ trailer:

by Brenda A. Harris

Clap for Mia’s three!
Shout and dance with me!
Sing, “Feliz, feliz.”
Share a hug and kiss.

Primos want to romp,
Shuffle, skip, and stomp.
Pilla, pilla tag me!
Corre, corre catch me!

This is Mia’s day!
Everyone let’s play!
My piñata tree,
Hangs its gift for me.

The piñata sings,
With all joy it swings.
Colors sparkle bright,
Telling of delight.

My piñata tree,
Calls for you and me.
Pilla, pilla tag me!
Corre, corre catch me!

Brenda A. Harris,

©by Cory Corrado

Padding alone in the amber woods
the autumn air.
A whisper
calls through the trees
drawing my gaze
the blue frieze.

A silhouette I behold-
beauty and grace.
s t r e t c h
Leaves toddle, boughs sway
I join the b a l l e t . . .

by Cathy Ballou Mealey

Monday’s child will win the race.
Tuesday’s child soars into space.
Wednesday’s child may steal the show.
Thursday’s child helps learners grow.
Friday’s child makes sick ones well.
Saturday’s child writes tales to tell.
The child who is born on the seventh day defines success in her own way!

My brief revision to a classic nursery rhyme.
Cathy Ballou Mealey