Announcing a new collection of poetry

Hi everyone,

I’m pleased to be included in a new collection of poems that celebrate sports. Heidi Bee Roemer and Carol-Ann Hoyte edited the selections, which include fifty poets in ten countries. The name of the book will be AND THE CROWD GOES WILD! A GLOBAL GATHERING OF SPORTS POEMS. My congratulations to the editors and everyone included in the collection. I’ll tell you more shortly. Heidi and Carol-Ann will be interviewed on Sylvia Vardell’s wonderful blogsite on April 13. Don’t miss that!

On the home front, we have a mother goose sitting on her nest (basiclly a large, flat rock at the foot of our yard beside the lake). She has five eggs. I saw them briefly yesterday when some teenage boys wanted to fish too close to her and she left her eggs. I spoke to the boys, who moved farther away, and the goose was soon back. I’m eager to see her goslings before long. Meanwhile, papa swims nearby and does what he can to look protective. Spring is here for sure. Yesterday I saw my first Tiger Swallowtail of the year and last night a Red Admiral landed a few feet away on the patio.


Opportunities for poets

BULLETIN: I’ve mentioned before that I’m joining with Eileen Spinelli and Rebecca Dotlich to hold a poetry workshop in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. The date is May 13-17. I’m told that the workshop is getting full. Expectations are that it will be filled by the end of December. If you are thinking about joining us, please look into it soon.

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that I’m hoping to see several of your poems posted for New Year’s Day. I haven’t finished mine yet but I’m working on it. The first draft was awful; way too serious and proud of itself. I think I’ll start over rather than try to fix the unfixable.

Then there’s the wonderful opportunity to contribute a sports-related poem for Carol-Ann Hoyte’s collection. The deadline for that is the last of March.

And of course there’s our Word of the Month poetry challenge. The word for December is FAITH and many of you have not contributed. That includes me but I have, uh, faith that I will.

My best to all.


Three calls for poetry


Hi everyone,

Our Word of the Month word is FAITH. I look forward to seeing what you will do with it. Deadline is December 31.

Carl-Ann Hoyte is looking for sports-related poems so don’t forget about that opportunity. Deadline is March 31.

And I’m asking everyone who wants to to be thinking of a poem to post for New Year’s Day. Deadline is January 1.

Three challenges going on at the same time should keep poets busy and happy. I’m going for all three and hope many of you do too.


Calling all sports-minded poets!

Hi everyone,

My friend Carol-Ann Hoyte is creating an ambitious project of bringing together poems about sports from poets everywhere. Working with Heidi Bee Roemer (United States), Carol-Ann (Canada) reports that as of November 25th they’ve already received 75 poems. About one-third of these poems have been submitted from poets in Canada, New Zealand, Scotland, and Japan. The remaining poems have been sent by poets living in the U.S., representing a total of 11 states.

Way to go, Carol-Ann and Heidi! What a great way to bring dozens of poets together to share their thoughts on sports. I hope to see 50 or 60 more poems added to the growing list before the deadline next March. Read on!


Submission Deadline: March 31, 2012

On your marks, get set, write!

An independently published e-book anthology of children’s poetry dedicated to the wide world of sports is in the works.

ADULTS who write children’s poetry, including those who are emerging poets, are invited to submit their work.

We’re looking for original, unpublished poems, written in English, aimed at 5- to 12-year-olds that deal with various aspects of athletics:

Olympics and other major international sports events (i.e., FIFA World Cup)
winter/summer, individual/team sports
winning and losing
amateur/professional athletes
sports fans and those behind the scenes (coaches, refs, etc.)
equipment/uniforms and places where sports are played
sports history and other miscellanea (halls of fame, records, trivia, etc.)
*We are interested in receiving poems written in a variety of forms including but not limited to the following: couplet, triplet, limerick, haiku, tanka, cinquain, diamante, mask poem, apostrophe poem, list poem, etheree, palindrome, etc.

Poets whose work is selected for the collection will receive a small honorarium.

We will contact you shortly after the deadline if we plan to include your poem in the anthology.

A portion of the anthology’s proceeds will be donated to Right to Play, an organization working with volunteers and partners to use sport and play to enhance child development in areas of disadvantage.

Please email poems to Carol-Ann Hoyte at .

Carol-Ann Hoyte (Canada) and Heidi Bee Roemer (United States),
The Editors

This in from Carol-Ann Hoyte

Hi everyone,

I said I would post something now and then so here’s my first, some news from Carol-Ann Hoyte in Canada. My writing is going well and I’m making some progress. I’ll stay in touch and soon I’ll post an update from Marilyn Singer.

Here’s Carol-Ann:
Hello Poetry Peeps:

Don’t forget to enter the Poetry Contest hosted by the Institute of Children’s Literature.

It’s a legit organization — that’s why I am telling you about this opportunity.

I entered a poem on Monday and am thinking of submitting a few more.

You can’t win if you’re not in!

In other poetry news, I recently came across a form which was new to me.

It’s called a septone. As you may have guessed from the name, it has seven lines.

Your phone number serves as the basis for the poem. Each number determines the number of syllables for each line of the poem.

Here is my first attempt at writing one using my home phone number:

Sitting on my balcony (7 syllables)
trying to (3 syllables)
think of a septone poem to (8 syllables)
write, but no (3 syllables)
ideas come (4 syllables)
to (1 syllable)
me tonight. (3 syllables)

Thanks, Carol-Ann. Looks like fun.