December thoughts

Hi everyone,

It’s suddenly December and we’re into this month like no other. I wish you all safety and warmth and comfort and joy during these remaining weeks of 2013. The pace becomes more stressful and normal schedules get rearranged. At times I find the month of December a bit too much. I need to stay close to memories of my mother at times like these. I’m sure that Neva was Auntie Mame in a former life, before Rosalind Russell ever heard of the part. She loved everything about Christmas, loved to shop, decorate, host parties. Yes, I need a dose of whatever she was taking now and then.

Tonight we’ll finally decorate the tree and work on a list so that our long suffering daughter and son will have some ideas of what to get us. Tomorrow night we’ll start our own shopping. Ho ho ho!!


From our family to yours

Not everyone who reads this blog celebrates Christmas but we all share wishes of peace, health, and happiness for friends and loved ones as one year ends and another begins.

My wife Sandy and I have enjoyed a long marriage. Our son Jeff and his wife Jennifer live in Portland, Oregon but they’re home for the holidays. Our daughter Robin and her husband Tim have two sons, Tyler (15) and Kris (19), and they live here in Springfield. Sandy’s mother Kathleen and my mother Neva are still with us at 96 and 97 respectively. My sister Jule, her son Jon, his wife Sarah, and their daughter Alexis live in Monett not far from here so the whole gang will gather here on Christmas Eve.

I’m happy. To be happy is my wish for you too. In spite of the inevitable potholes and barbed wire, we manage to find joy and love among those we hold dear.

With warm wishes to you all and my gratitude for stopping by to check my blog efforts now and then,