The day after

Hi everyone,

Last night our family called it quits around 1:00 and went to bed promising to get up early to clean up the mess. My M.O.W. was the only one who followed through. When I crawled out to greet the world, Sandy had already put the kitchen in order even though she’s hobbling around with a stress fracture in her left foot. Tough babe.

Then we all trooped off to Gamble’s to mark things down for the traditional after Christmas sale. Every item in the store is now priced at least 25% off retail and many are up to 60% off. Jeff and Jennifer went off to buy donuts for the crew, Sandy was busy waiting on early shoppers, staff were streaming in through the door along with the customers, and I fled for home.

I can’t play much though. I face a living room still to be straightened and my gifts to put away. All in all, it was a lovely celebration at our house and we hope it was at yours as well.

Counting down to the 1st. You might be thinking of a poem to usher in the new year . . .