Byron Biggers Band

Hi everyone,

I don’t remember the year, but I was giving a talk at a Barnes & Noble and my friend, CHRIS CRAIG, was there with his guitar to sing a few songs after I finished. We talked afterward and Chris said it would be fun to arrange some of my poems to music. I agreed and he did. He added another professional musician, GALE CLITHERO on percussion, and we formed a trio called Byron Biggers Band. I pulled some poems from various books and Chris got busy. We all had day jobs, mine as president of Glenstone Block Company, Gale as a math instructor at Ozark Community Technical College (OTC), and Chris as Deputy Provost at Missouri State University in Springfield. I just looked at Chris’s MSU site and found this under his special interests:

Byron Biggers Band performing at The Library Center, Springfield, Missouri

Dr. Craig is a singer-songwriter and performs high energy acoustic rock & roll regularly with his band called Hendrix and Craig.  Dr. Craig is a published song writer and continues to write music for a variety of entertainers, including his close friend David Harrison, renowned children’s author and lead singer of the Bryon Biggers Band.”

On my Facebook page this morning at I posted a snippet from one of our performances. I hope it works.