Let the voting begin!

It’s that time again.  Click on the links below to read this month’s submissions.  Join the fun and cast your vote.REMINDER: Everyone can vote once for an adult and once for a young poet. Our poets have worked all month to create a new collection of original poetry inspired by the same word. This is when we want as many readers as possible to come by, read your work, and pick two to vote for. The poet in each category who receives the most votes will be proclaimed April Hall of Fame Poet.

Previous poets of the month are not eligible to win again during this initial twelve months, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote for them if you like their poems!Click to Read Adult Poems

Click to Read Young Adult Poems

Thanks, David

Poetry Contest – War Poems

On Saturday I shared a free poetry contest that could win you some money and name recognition.  Today, I am filling in for David and have another contest for you.  Only this one requires a $15 entry fee, but I think I remember some of you having war poems.  Here are the details:

Guidelines for the War Poetry Contest

Now in its ninth year, this contest seeks today’s best poems on the theme of war. We will award $5,000 in prizes. Click here to read winning entries from the past.


What to Submit
1-3 original, unpublished poems on the theme of war. Their combined length should not exceed 500 lines. Contestants may enter once per year.

First Prize, $2,000 cash and publication on WinningWriters.com (over one million page views per year)
Second Prize, $1,200 cash and publication on WinningWriters.com
Third Prize, $600 cash and publication on WinningWriters.com
Twelve Honorable Mentions, $100 cash each and publication on WinningWriters.com

Entry Fee
$15, payable to Winning Writers. We welcome both online submissions with payment by credit card and submissions by mail with payment by check or money order. We also accept PayPal. Your $15 fee is not per poem, but covers your complete submission of up to 3 poems. Please note: Generally entry fees are not refundable. However, if you believe you have an exceptional circumstance, please contact us within one year of your entry.

May 31, 2010. Your entry must be postmarked or submitted online by this date.

Preparing Your Entry
Submit one copy of your poems online or by mail. No handwritten entries, please. Do not put your name or contact information on your poems, not even on the backs of pages. Provide your contact information on our online form, or on a separate cover sheet if submitting by mail. If your poem contains complex formatting, such as centered text or italic type, we recommend submitting by mail. Please make your entry easy to read — no illustrations, fancy fonts or decorative borders.

How To Submit
Click here to submit online (credit card)
Click here to submit by mail (check or money order)
Click here to submit via PayPal

Announcement of Winners
We are pleased to present the winners of our eighth contest here. The winners of our ninth contest will be announced on November 15, 2010.

All Entrants Receive
All entrants to our War Poetry Contest receive immediate free access to our Poetry Contest Insider online database for three months, a $6.95 value. Search our profiles of over 750 poetry contests for the ones that fit you best. Current Poetry Contest Insider customers will have their subscriptions extended by three months.

Your entry fee is a one-time charge. When your subscription to Poetry Contest Insider expires, you will receive an invitation to renew, but you are under no obligation to do so. Your decision will not affect your entry in any way.

Entries Must Be Original and Unpublished
Your entries must be original, written by you, unpublished (either in print or in an online journal), and not have received a monetary award or high honors from any other contest. Self-published work is not eligible. Exceptions: Poems posted to the web outside of online journals, such as to a bulletin board, email list, personal web page, blog, critique site or public forums are eligible for entry. Our goal is to recognize work that has not yet received honors or wide publication. Please email us if you’re unsure of eligibility.

Simultaneous Submission Allowed
You may submit your poems simultaneously to this contest and to other contests and publishers. Please notify us if one of your poems wins an award in another contest or is published elsewhere.

Good luck,

Kathy Temean

Poetry Contest – Humor

Hi, everyone!

I noticed David didn’t have a post for today.  He is away and having a hard time finding WiFi connections, so I thought I would help out and share a poetry contest with you.  It is the Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest.  You can win money without having to pay any money to enter and they have made it easy to submit your poem right on line – sounds like a no brainer to me.  Here are the details.

Guidelines for the Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest

Now in its ninth year. We seek today’s best humor poems. Total cash prizes have been increased to $3,600, with a top prize of $1,500. This contest is free to enter. Click here to read winning entries from the past.

Submission Deadline: April 1, 2010

How to Submit Your Entry
New simplified procedure! Just click here to submit your entry online. There is no fee to submit to the Wergle Flomp Poetry Contest. Poets of all nations may enter. Your poem must be in English (inspired gibberish also accepted). Please submit only one poem per year. Your poem may be of any length. Both published and unpublished work are welcome.

First Prize of $1,500 and publication on WinningWriters.com
Second Prize of $800 and publication on WinningWriters.com
Third Prize of $400 and publication on WinningWriters.com
Twelve honorable mentions will receive $75 each and publication on WinningWriters.com

The winners and honorable mentions will also all receive official Winning Writers polo shirts.

Announcement of Results
The winner and honorable mentions of the ninth contest will be announced in our free email newsletter and on WinningWriters.com on August 15, 2010.

Simultaneous Submission Allowed
You may submit your poems simultaneously to this contest and to other contests and publishers.

We respect your privacy. Winning Writers does not rent customer or contestant information to third parties. Please click here for our full privacy policy.

You retain the copyright to your submission. If you place as finalist or better, Winning Writers only requests permission to publish your work on WinningWriters.com, in our email publications and in our press releases. Any other use will be negotiated with you.

Hope you give it a try.  Good luck,

Kathy Temean

The Voting Begins

    Congratulations to all of our February poets. Once again you have demonstrated how creative a writer’s mind can be. One word — road — stimulated you to write a variety of poems that did indeed lead us down many intriguing roads of thought. Thanks to each of you.
    This is the time to have fun with the voting process. What good is it to toil over your work if no one sees it? So get out the word that you have a poem posted and would appreciate a little support for your effort. If you have a blog, blog it. If you are on Facebook or Twitter or network in other ways, then you have methods to reach friends, colleagues, family, classmates, and followers. It’s surprising how many readers come by during the days of voting to check out the poetry and vote for a favorite.Counting today, the polls will be open for 5 days. We close on the 27th and announce the February Word of the Month Hall of Fame Poet on the 28th. Time to do it!

    BULLETIN: Poems by Yousei, Geradine, and Beth were accidentally left off the list you see when you click to read. They are, however, listed under Adult W.O.M. above this page. I’m taking care of the oversight and the three missing poems wil be posted before the day is over.



Laura Robb tomorrow

BULLETIN: In the voting for January’s Hall of Fame Poet, Steve Withrow remains in the lead among eligible contenders. Mimi Cross and Liz Korba, previous winners, continue to make strong showings. For Hall of Fame Young Poet, our leaders are Rachel Heinrichs, John Sullivan, and Sam Shekut.
REMINDER: Please remember to cast your ballots, one for an adult and one for a student. Just scroll down to the ballot boxes, click on the poets of your choice, and hit the vote button. Last chance to vote is midnight CST this Saturday, the 30th.

As promised, my guest for tomorrow will be Laura Robb. Laura is a tireless promoter of reading, a master teacher, a careful researcher, a popular author of books about reading development, and much sought after consultant and lecturer. Here is more information about tomorrow’s guest.

Author, teacher, consultant, Laura Robb has taught grades 4 through 8 for 43 years. Robb continues to teach for eight weeks each year. She has written 19 books on reading and writing for teachers and published materials for Great Source for students. Robb speaks at conferences all over the country and trains teachers in school districts in Virginia, New York, Massachusetts, and North Carolina. She has received an Honorary Doctorate from Shenandoah University for her work in literacy and in 2009 received the “Friend of Literacy Award” from Nassau Reading Council in New York. Robb has two new books coming out this spring: Teaching Middle School Writers: What Every English Teacher Needs to Know published by Heinemann and a second edition of Teaching Reading in Middle School, published by Scholastic. You can reach Laura Robb and find many teaching materials on her Web site: www.LRobb.com

Be sure to visit tomorrow to read what Laura has to share with us. You’ll be glad you did!