A nice thing

Hi everyone,

LAURA ROBB and I have received word that our 2020 book with Corwin Publishing, Guided Practice for Reading Growth, Grades 4-8, has now been slated for publication by SAGE Knowledge as part of their 2023 SK title list.

SAGE Knowledge is the premier social sciences digital library. Hosting more than 5,000 titles, it includes an expansive range of SAGE eBook and eReference content, including scholarly books, reference works, handbooks, and professional development titles. SAGE Knowledge is sold primarily to the academic library market.

New review of my book with Laura Robb

Hi everyone,

I’m glad and grateful for the positive review by Jennifer Wirtz of our book, GUIDED PRACTICE FOR READING GROWTH, Graded 4-8, which was released last fall by Corwin Publishing. Here’s the link.

Review: Building reading fluency and comprehension among middle graders

Laura and I created this book to help teachers work with students who are at least two grades behind in their reading level. My job was to write poems and texts to capture students’ interest at their intellectual/developmental level while using language accessible to them at their current reading level. Laura created wonderful plans and activities to encourage and reinforce efforts to reach for growth in reading. An earlier review included this: “One of the hardest parts of helping developing readers can be finding texts that support them.  In this compendium of intermediate and middle grade reading lessons, Laura and David suggest one great text after another, making offering readers the practice they need to become stronger, more proficient readers even easier!”

New books suffered when they were introduced during the thick of the pandemic, and ours came out last September. Corwin is essentially reintroducing the book now. All the more reason why we appreciate Jennifer’s review and hope for additional reviews to come. The Amazon ratings so far are all 5 stars so we’re encouraged to think we’ll continue to find more and more teachers who can put our book to use. If you are in a position to pass this along to teacher and/or administrator friends, we will be in your debt. Thank you.

Tune in to watch live

Hi everyone,

THURSDAY EVENING AT 6:00 CST on Facebook Live, Laura Robb and I will be interviewed on the Robb Review. The session will be hosted by Evan Robb as we discuss our new book, GUIDED PRACTICE FOR READING GROWTH. The book, published by Corwin Publishing, is especially timely as a growing number of struggling readers everywhere fall further behind as a result of learning conditions during the pandemic.

This is a free event. We hope you will join us and invite anyone you know who might want to learn more about our book at https://www.facebook.com/evanrobbprincipal/


Hi everyone,

My thanks to Kathy Temean for her wonderful post featuring my collaboration with Laura Robb. It’s quite rare to have an educational book given such a grand introduction. My gratitude to Kathy. Here’s how to find the post and qualify to win a free copy. https://kathytemean.wordpress.com/ and if the gremlins are still at work, click on “David Harrison’s book” in the short paragraph at the top of her post. Sorry for the technical difficulties after all her hard work, but it’s all there once you click on.