Couplet Day

Hi everyone,

I declare today to be Couplet Day. Other than this notice, I intend to write in couplets all day and hope you’ll join me in couplets for your responses and contributions. Starting now.

Today is the day for your couplets to flow,
So wittingly merrily onward we go.


Today: couplets about the sun

Hi everyone,

Today we are to have sunshine. We’ve had rain during 19 of the last 20 or 21 days. I assume that’s true for many of you as well. I think we should celebrate poetically, couplet-y to be precise. Off the top, give us your thoughts. Such as,

These aren’t so hot but to my credit
I wrote them down without an edit.

Through the clouds the sun is winking,
Finally my gills are shrinking.

Sun-drenched blossoms in the bower,
Weeds sprouting a foot an hour.

Finally caught the rain-dance feller,
Got him tied up in the cellar.

Your turn!


I’m cold

Hi everyone,

I walked across the street for the paper this morning with the wind gusting and the temperature in the low 20s. Not fair. I want sympathy.
Setting up for trombone
Those of you who are possessed of a naturally nasty and cruel mind, feel free to express your sympathy, but it has to be in couplets. Go.


Let’s have some cheery couplets

Hi everyone,

A couple of days ago I mentioned that December is not my favorite month and some of you volunteered that you love the month and all its activities. Which leads me to think that today we need to express some of those feelings in poetic form. So let’s have some December couplets!

Bring ’em on!

I’ll go first.

New Tree Last Year

I groan, I gnash my teeth, I shout,
This year half the lights are out!


Quick, I need a couplet!

Hi everyone,

The money has been raised and spent, the plans presented, the votes counted, the results published. We now return to life without flyers from people we don’t know and out of area calls at dinner time. Getting elected is a tough process. Hats off to everyone who gave it their best. Let’s celebrate this day with some of your wittiest couplets. Go!

Whether you’re smiling or blinking tears,
Results are in: four more years.