Surprise at Goose Lake

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I witnessed something I’ve read about but never seen before: crows at play.
I was sitting at my keyboard when a clatter on the roof sent me hurrying to the entrance hall, looking up at the skylight there.

Two crows were up there. One had found a small piece of wood, probably part of a shingle, about 3×5 inches. It carried it in its beak to the top of the skylight, set it down, perched on it, and slid down the slope to the bottom. The second crow watch this, reached out and took the “skateboard,” and did the same thing.

Amazed, I ran for my phone, but by the time I returned, the crows had become aware of me. All I got was this one ghostly image as the second bird flapped away. Playtime was over. What a way to start the year at Goose Lake.